April 8, 2010

'Skins Talk Update

So school work and the NFL offseason don't mix. Summer is coming up so I'll be working on trying to be more consistent. Apologies to my readers.

I figured I should probably give an update regarding the Skins Talk and the progress I've made with it.

In two years, I have managed to get a better feel for covering the Redskins and giving you all the links to articles I read everyday regarding the 'Skins.

In return, you guys have upped your interest by coming in droves. I got maybe 500 or so hits in the first six months. Now I average about 1,000 a month. My thanks to everyone who visits.

Also, I was lucky enough to score media credentials to the 'Skins games last year through Sports Fan Live (sportsfanlive.com).

Most of my writing for that went to Blog Blitz via nfl.com, and it was a tremendous experience that has enhanced my skills as a reporter and writer. Hopefully, I'll be doing that this year for training camp and beyond.

That being said, please continue to check up on Skins Talk. I'll always be trying to give you the best 'Skins coverage on the Web.

If you have any comments or criticisms feel free to post them on any article or email me at jackfrom3@yahoo.com. I want to make this site something you'll come to first for Redskins news and analysis.

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