April 9, 2010

Three Things Donovan McNabb Brings to the Redskins

1. The Future is Now

Mike Shanahan has talked about rebuilding, but he clearly expects to compete quickly. Trading for McNabb is an indicator that he believes the team can contend for a Super Bowl sometime in the next three years or so.

Think about it.

Selecting a potential franchise QB in the draft would mean that Shanahan had his sights set on building slowly with Jason Campbell holding down the fort until the offensive line was solidified.

Now with McNabb, the mentality around Redskins Park changes.

Washington has a QB who can contribute right away, and as such expectation are much higher from management, the players and the fans. Shanahan doesn't make this move if he's not positive that McNabb puts the Redskins right back in the thick of things.

2. A Vocal Presence

McNabb is not afraid to express his concerns regarding issue surrounding the team. He calls it like he sees it and brings a more assertive presence to the locker room.

Jason Campbell may have led by example with his toughness in adverse situations, but he could never take command of a situation with his attitude.

Too often did he fail to establish a sense of urgency in the huddle and often times the Redskin offense looked dazed under his leadership.

Campbell certainly played hard, but never did he really make the offense his own. He had his opportunities, but always came up short in crucial situations, throwing costly interceptions or wasting timeouts.

McNabb possesses the innate ability to take control of a group and get them to leave it all out on the field. He knows how to win down the stretch and he won't stand by and watch teammates be disruptive.

That's the type of leader these Redskins need.

3. Stability At QB

Sure McNabb doesn't light up the stat sheet, but he's a huge step up from what the Redskins have had in the past.

Since he came into the NFL in 1999, McNabb has thrown for 216 TD passes. Since 1999, Redskins QBs have combined to throw for 198 TD passes.

In Washington, Brad Johnson, Jeff George, Tony Banks, Shane Matthews, Danny Wuerffel, Patrick Ramsey, Mark Brunell, Jason Campbell and Todd Collins all tried their hand at QB for the Redskins while McNabb started in Philadelphia for over ten years.

Consistency hasn't been the Redskins strong point. Nor has offensive firepower.

With McNabb the Redskins get both. Sure he has some injury concerns, but when healthy, you can count on 20+ TD passes and a few extra TDs on the ground.

A guarantee of that many TDs from a QB in a season is something unheard of in DC.

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