April 1, 2010

Thursday Roundup: Haynesworthy?

For all the money and talent that Albert Haynesworth has, you would certainly wish he'd be easier to get along with.

He isn't attending the offseason workout program (granted it's voluntary), and that just adds to the laundry list of unimpressive behavior since he inked his monster deal last offseason.

Now Mike Shanahan has expressed his displeasure at the situation. Granted, he isn't burning any bridges with Haynesworth, but it's clear that he wants everyone to play ball his way.

Meanwhile all the hype today is about Jimmy Clausen. He is set to visit the 'Skins and on April 9th, Clausen will have a private workout with Washington.

Mike Lombardi has the scoop in regards to Clausen (I don't like the fact we are mentioning Vinny Cerrato as a team consultant, but whatever...).

And here's Matt Bowen's counterpoint for Bradford.

However, on the National Football Post, the mock draft has a different player going to Washington.

As tempting as it is to covet a Bradford or a Clausen, the offensive line is even worse off than last year at this time. So Russell Okung makes sense.

Adam Schefter just announced that Okung will visit the 'Skins on Monday (via Twitter).

Rich Tandler has a nice profile of Okung as well.

Keep up with the Redskins free agent signing with the free agent tracker from CSN Washington.

Oh and the preseason schedule was released yesterday (the 'Skins drew the Bills, Ravens, Jets and Cardinals).

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