May 26, 2010

Albert Haynesworth Continues To Disappoint

As if all the negative publicity surrounding beleaguered NFL star Albert Haynesworth wasn't enough, the Washington Redskins' prize defensive tackle has managed to find another way to drag his name through the mud.

After skipping all of the team's voluntary offseason workouts thereby alienating teammates, coaches, and the fan base, Haynesworth is now being sued for $10 million by a Brooklyn stripper for impregnating her and then, according to court documents, failing "to provide and emotional or financial support of her or his unborn child."

25-year old Silvia Mena, claims she was romanced by Haynesworth in February during this year's Super Bowl events held in Miami. Soon after, she discovered she was pregnant and went to Haynesworth seeking help.

However, after Haynesworth initially agreed to support her through the pregnancy, he has refused to talk to Mena and has not sent her any money.

Haynesworth has yet to comment on the situation, but it is all too clear that he will approach with the same unfeeling attitude that we have seen throughout his time in Washington.

Time after time we have seen a poor commitment from Haynesworth whether it be within the locker room, on the field, or in the community. Haynesworth has shown nothing but indifference to the entire world since signing a blockbuster $100 million deal last year, and this story only affirms the consensus that he is a self-absorbed individual with no respect for those around him.

I'm sure just about everyone in the Redskins organization would be overjoyed if Dan Snyder just showed Haynesworth the door, but football is a business and Haynesworth is a $30 million business investment. Snyder can't simply sever ties without giving the matter quite a bit of thought.

Quite honestly, I don't think the Redskins have any idea of what to do with Haynesworth. No one will trade anything of value for him at this point and cutting him would mean swallowing truckloads of money. Plus, you do have to factor in that when on the field, Haynesworth is still the Redskins best defensive lineman when he wants to be.

With the Redskins switching to a 3-4 defense, the coaching staff made it clear that the offseason workouts were only voluntary in name. Yet Haynesworth has been invisible at Redskins Park.

Haynesworth has said he will show up for all mandatory activities, which shows he still intends to fulfill his contract despite his displeasure with the 3-4 defense, but you have to wonder about his level of commitment.

Haynesworth has already collected the majority of his guaranteed money and there's no telling what kind of shape he will show up in to training camp. He won't be familiar with the schemes that are presently being put into place and this latest story will be quite the distraction.

Mike Shanahan has made it clear that with Haynesworth failing to show up this offseason, he doesn't want him around. Should the 'Skins decide keep him, Shanahan will be diplomatic about it, but I don't anticipate a love-fest.

Coming off the Santana Moss HGH rumors and now Haynesworth's tasteless actions (or lack thereof), it has been a rough week for the Redskins. Shanahan is busy trying to turn the Redskins around following a 4-12 season, and thus far he's been met with some off-field issues that have certainly been distractions.

This is DC, Mike. Get ready for a wild ride.

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