May 23, 2010

D'Qwell Jackson: Potential Holdout

This is unrelated to the Redskins for now, but it appears that Cleveland Browns D'Qwell, a restricted free agent, is threatening to hold out from training camp.

Jackson wants to negotiate a long-term deal to stay in Cleveland, but the Browns have yet to make good on their promise that they would offer him a deal.

Jackson's agent said that Jackson may not sign his second-round tender offer, meaning Jackson could end up on the free agent market.

I have been closely following Jackson as he brings a lot to the table.

For starters, Jackson has experience playing MLB in the 3-4. Secondly, he is a tackling machine. Aside from last season's injury shortened campaign, Jackson has 90+ tackles every season.

Before suffering a torn pectoral muscle six games into the 2009 season, he was coming off back-to-back seasons of 100+ tackles and in 2008, he racked up 154 tackles.

Now Jackson has stated he wishes to remain in Cleveland, but should the contract issue continue to escalate, Jackson could be looking for a new city to set up shop.

This is where Washington comes in. With London Fletcher on his last legs, it would make sense to add some young talent to a group of linebackers that is still a work in progress.

Jackson is just 26 years old, and would be a steady presence next to Fletcher. Once Fletcher retires, Jackson would become the plugger in the middle.

HB Blades is an adequate reserve, but has never stood out when he gets that rare spot start. Rocky McIntosh is expected to move into the middle, but adding Jackson would give the 'Skins a long-term MLB to play with McIntosh after Fletcher retires.

Just some thoughts. No rumors linking Jackson to the Redskins, but like Rams' safety OJ Atogwe, Jackson is another RFA who the 'Skins should consider pursuing should he hit the free agent market.

Update: Jackson posted the following on his Twitter account:

I appreciate all the concern about my situ with the browns & to the fans I will be a brown this year. Either way the season begins in sept!

The tweet seems a little open-ended. Jackson says he will be a Brown, but then goes on to say "either way" the season starts in September. What the hell is "either way?" Point being, he hasn't signed and if he doesn't get the deal he wants, he could hit the free agent market.

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