May 21, 2010

Moss Update: Suspension?

For one thing we know that Santana Moss will undoubtedly have to endure a chat with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for his name being linked to a Canadian doctor who reportedly smuggled HGH into the US for several athletes.

Goodell has sat down with a handful of NFL players this offseason and several have received suspensions following these discussions.

Now we don't know anything about Moss' involvement in this case other than he was linked to it by the Buffalo News. He has not yet been charged for anything and Mike Shanahan urged the media to sit back and wait rather than "throw [Moss] under the bus."

He has a good point. Whenever the media has jumped on a scandal, Goodell usually reacts harshly. Hell, Ben Roethlisberger was never even indicted in his sexual assault case and yet Goodell banished him for six games just because of the firestorm over the situation.

So Shanahan is wise in wanting to keep this off the front pages. Should Moss avoid prosecution and keep a low profile, then Goodell might not be able to formulate a strong enough case to suspend him.

Another thing working in Moss' favor is that he isn't a repeat offender. Moss has never been a problem off the field unlike Santonio Holmes or Roethlisberger or Pacman Jones.

However, if the story escalates further expect to see Moss miss at least quarter of the season for his indiscretion.


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