June 28, 2010

(A Belated) Weekend Roundup: Dog Days

This is without a doubt the deadest period in the NFL's calendar year, but here at Skins Talk, we keep it coming even during these sweltering 100 degree days when lesser men might leave the confines of our Nation's Capital for the Caribbean.

Like Al Pacino said, it's all about inches. Skins Talk is going to fight for those extra inches, that extra scoop.

Seriously, I've got the scoop(s) and they are right here:

Just how grim does the receiving situation look? It's pretty bad, folks.

Welcome to DC, Selvish Capers. If Capers plays well in camp, he could see some time at tackle should either Trent Williams or Jammal Brown miss time. He stands at 6-4 and weighs just over 300 pounds so he'll need to bulk up, but he is sounding like a solid prospect.

The 'Skins worst free agent signings ever? Right here. Funny thing is that, the Redskins have their own five signings listed, and then the article decides to name the other five worst signings from the other 31 teams combined.

Washington's list is probably worse too.

Jammal Brown was interviewed on 106.7 the Fan last week, and amazingly the Official Redskins Blog ran a story on it.

Considering the rivalry between Dan Snyder and the new sports talk station set up to rival Snyder's ESPN 980, it was shocking to see the Brown interview get pub from the Redskins.com.

For real though, gang, it's a great interview so listen to it.

And finally, I have to tease this for you. I'll be helping out NFL.com with a preview of Redskins training camp. This is a huge honor for me to write something that will be read by a ton of people.

Of course, I'll link to it when it comes out, but I just wanted to thank you all for reading the blog and helping me land this piece.

Tomorrow look for five keys to Redskin success in 2010.

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