June 16, 2010

Haynesworth Continues to Dominate the Headlines

I don't understand why we all seem so shocked that Albert Haynesworth is skipping the Redskins mandatory minicamp this week.

After all, Haynesworth has shown little to no commitment to the Redskins' organization since inking a deal that guaranteed him over $40 million.

Throw in the fact that it is now the norm for disgruntled stars to make every effort to avoid training camp and all offseason activities (see Brett Favre and Darrelle Revis), and we shouldn't be batting an eyelash over this.

Haynesworth doesn't care for preparation nor does he care to play in a 3-4. He has shown little interest in being a team player, and has done nothing to prove to Mike Shanahan that he will improve upon last year's uneven performance.

Haynesworth is an enigma for several reasons. The 'Skins would love to be rid of him, but Haynesworth has already claimed a huge portion of his guaranteed dollars and might be too talented to outright cut.

Upside is the name of the game in this scenario. If Washington believes that Haynesworth's production will be worth his belly-aching, then they will keep him around. Add in the fact that they have already shelled out big money for his services, and the 'Skins might feel inclined to keep him.

On the other hand, Haynesworth was blasted by his teammates today, a sign that the players are no longer willing to tolerate his selfish demeanor in the locker room.

Haynesworth's lack of involvement with the team is well documented. The Post's Redskins Insider has a great excerpt on just how invisible Haynesworth has been:

"Haynesworth missed all but one day of Coach Mike Shanahan's 47-day voluntary program, including six days of minicamps, 13 organized team activities and 28 days designated for lifting, according to a copy of the team's offseason schedule. In March, he attended Shanahan's introductory session to inform him he planned to train on his own."

That's pretty bad in today's NFL where coaches demand near perfect attendance for offseason activities.

However, Haynesworth is incredibly talented and the Redskins know this. They will lose big time if they cut him or trade him at this point.

However, will they lose even more in terms of team chemistry should Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan decide to keep him around?

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