June 5, 2010

TO On The Network: McNabb Reunion Possible

Terrell Owen sat down with Rich Eisen from NFL Network last night in what seemed like a State of the TO address.

Eisen does a fantastic job as always, and the interview was entertaining. TO seems to be marketing himself as a humble guy right now. He downplayed the fact that he has yet to sign with a team, but I have to say he is probably getting a little antsy.

He addressed the Redskins and whether or not he would play with Donovan McNabb again.

"Donovan and I, we have squashed our issues," said TO. "When he got traded and went to the Redskins I wished him congratulations. He already knew his situation prior to being traded so we talked about the idea of actually playing together. That was something that I welcome with open arms and he as well."

Owens was very "chill" throughout the interview (Eisen said that and I agree). He was at ease and calm.

Has he become a team player for real or was the interview just a nice little spot for TO to pull the wool over the eyes of a GM desperate for a WR.

Either way, Owens remains tempting, and unsigned.

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