July 3, 2010

Burress Applies For Work Release

The 'Skins are desperate for receivers. Plaxico Burress is desperately trying to qualify for a work release from prison. Match made in heaven?

As crazy as it sounds, the Redskins are more than likely going to have to acquire another receiver, considering the lack of talent at the position currently on the roster and Burress is someone to monitor.

Burress is 33 years old and a problem child, but someone will take a flier on the 6-5, 232-pound WR because he is that good.

Burress has averaged over 60 yards receiving per game in all but two of his seasons as a pro. He has four 1,000-yard receiving campaigns in nine years, and made the game-winning TD catch in the Super Bowl for the Giants to beat the Patriots in 2007.

What many people don't remember about the Giants' play-off run in 2007 was that Burress torched the Packers secondary in the NFC Championship game, catching 11 balls for 151 yards.

Should Burress be permitted to return to work in the NFL in 2010, the Redskins will undoubtedly consider him.

Burress may be a gamble due to his having been absent from the game since the middle of the 2008 season, but the Redskins must take a gamble at receiver given their situation at the position.

Santana Moss is not a number one receiver as he lacks the size to get open in the face of constant double-teams. Also, there is speculation that he could be suspended for his involvement in an HGH case.

Youngsters Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly have yet to stake a claim to being consistent threats, and the other receivers on the roster leave plenty to be desired.

Terrell Owens' name has come up. Ditto for Chargers hold-out Vincent Jackson, but nothing yet on Burress.

If Burress is successful in securing a work release, expect to hear him linked to the 'Skins.

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