July 18, 2010

Weekend Roundup: Hell Week

The Washington Post has a fascinating piece on Donovan McNabb's upcoming "Hell Week." McNabb will host several teammates (Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas and Santana Moss are expected to attend) for a week of workouts in the brutal Arizona heat.

Here's an excerpt:

The daily routine focuses on the athlete's core -- abdominals, the lower back, gluteal muscles and hips -- and involves everything from traditional weights to resistance bands. Fischer likes to focus on balance, flexibility, joints and areas that most athletes tend to ignore in their regular workouts.

The group also will spend plenty of time on cardio, running steep hills in the desert heat until they finally take a break in the early afternoon.

If that doesn't build chemistry, then I don't know what will.

Mike Shanahan  announced that the Redskins will not pursue Terrell Owens on WFAN in New York last week. I have been a huge TO advocate this offseason, but I'd bet that the Redskins' lack of interest has to do with what McNabb wants.

Obviously, McNabb and TO clashed in Philly, and McNabb likely wasn't comfortable with the thought of being teammates again. The tension between the two has been downplayed, but it has to be there to an extent.

However, I see still TO as player who could make an impact for some team out there. An incentive-laden contract is the key. I wouldn't be upset if the 'Skins ultimately signed him as he can still post solid numbers at position where the 'Skins are uncertain.

Brian Orakpo has had a terrific offseason. That's good to know since he has the potential take over a game. Opposing offenses will have to gameplan around him. Just what I think.

Fred Davis and Malcolm Kelly are now vets. For Kelly, he'll need to step his game up this year.

A look some Madden '11 'Skins pics. The graphics get better every year and '11 is no exception.

Not gonna lie: I worship the new Redskins ad campaign. It's blue-collar, it's hard-core, it's exciting. Plus, I love the logo with the R enclosed in the circle with the feather hanging from the circle. Brilliant.

LaRon Landry had toe surgery on June 23rd and it was reported last week. Nothing serious as Landry should make it to camp on time.

The training camp preview will continue in the coming days.

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