July 31, 2010

Weekend Roundup: Two-A-Days

Getting ready to walk down to watch the second practice today. But first, my thoughts from the first practice on NFL.com Blog Blitz.

Here's what I'm reading.

Rich Tandler explains the new training camp philosophy under Mike Shanahan. It makes sense. The players practice year round now. They are in shape getting into camp so there's no reason to drive them into the ground.

Chris Cooley on Chris Cooley (and some thoughts on the Redskins as well).

Homer McFanboy's interview with Malcolm Kelly.

Mike Prada over at SB Nation has some good camp nuggets.

Shanahan mentioned that he has historically gone with just two QBs on his final roster. Could it happen this year?

And some more analysis from Redskins Hog Heaven and Anthony Brown. He makes a good point that Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb, and Tom Brady should all contracts signed soon in wake of the Sam Bradford deal.

Makes you wonder how much the Redskins will offer McNabb.

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