July 28, 2010

Williams, Rogers Still Unsigned

Going into camp tomorrow, the Washington Redskins have two loose ends to tie off before they will have a complete 82 man roster.

First round pick Trent Williams, the tackle from Oklahoma, has yet to sign a deal. He fired his agent a few weeks ago, but expressed desire to make it to camp on time.

Williams would be wise to get everything shored away as he needs to prepare for early-season showdowns with DeMarcus Ware, Trent Cole and Dwight Freeney. According to coaches, Williams has already made significant progress in the offseason workouts and mini-camps, but too keep the ball rolling, he will need to sign quickly.

It is imperative that Williams miss no more than a day or two of camp. Unfortunately, only two other first round picks have signed, and neither were drafted close to the number four slot where Williams was taken. No comparables means both sides have nothing to set their price at, so it might hold up the signing process even more.

Meanwhile CB Carlos Rogers has yet to sign his tender offer. However, 106.7 the Fan's new Redskins beat reporter Grant Paulsen announced via Twitter that Roger was expected to "sign tender and practice tomorrow."

The Redskins need Rogers to show up on time. Rogers will benefit from a more aggressive scheme that will allow him to play tight man-to-man coverage, which is better suited to Rogers' skill set.

Rogers did fall victim to the double move last season, but Jim Haslett has re-energized the defense and will make sure Rogers will consistently play at the line of scrimmage rather than giving opposing receivers 10 yards of cushion downfield.

Rogers has a one-year, $1.543 million offer on the table. He had been testing the free agent market, but it appears that rejoining the Redskins will be his best option. He reconciled any difference with the team earlier this offseason during a meeting with Mike Shanahan.

Ps. Huge congrats to Grant who has been a huge help to myself throughout the past year. He is very deserving of the gig and I wish him the best.

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