August 7, 2010

Fan Appreciation Day Camp Notes

-This was without question, the most physical day of training camp this year. The Redskins ran some goal line formations including plenty of contact and also a series of two-minute drills at the end of the practice.

-TE Fred Davis starred in the goal line work catching several TD passes. I saw him catch at least three on the day. He is really coming into his own a player.

-TE Chris Cooley on the other hand, dropped a few balls. He's had a bad camp, but I treat him the same as Donovan McNabb. Those guys have performed at high level throughout their careers in the meaningful games. They'll be fine come regular season time.

-Speaking of Donovan, he did complete a beautiful out and up to Cooley in one of the two-minute drills. However, that was the only big play he made. The rest of the practice he was busy throwing interceptions.

-The offense as whole will be much improved. It has yet to be consistently good, but I've seen enough to let me know the running game is going to scare people and the air attack will be more aggressive.

-RB Ryan Torain caught the ball well again out of the backfield. He has been the best pass-catching RB in camp. He also runs with good vision and lowers his shoulder to finish off runs. If he can stay healthy, he might be a nice little sleeper on offense.

-RB Larry Johnson ran effectively in goal line work, scoring twice behind stellar blocking on the left side. He is expected to get most of the work down there during the season, and he did nothing today to alter that mindset.

-WR Terrence Austin took the first rep at punt returner. Don't know what that means, but he had a nice one-cut and go return. Plus, he scored a TD in one of the two-minute drills.

-CB's Ramzee Robinson and Byron Westbrook each intercepted a pair of passes.

-QB Rich Bartel threw two picks nearly back-to-back.

-WR's Devin Thomas and Roydell Williams each made some good catches. Thomas had a nice one on the sideline with Westbrook draped over him.

-S Reed Doughty timed a blitz perfectly on the goal line to "sack" QB Rex Grossman.

-WR Brandon Banks showed his speed on an end-around where he turned the corner easily, picking up a few yards. It's a good thing he's fast because at 155 pounds, he can't afford to get hit.

-RG Artis Hicks just isn't winning enough one-on-one blocking battles for my liking. He doesn't get enough leverage.

-LT Trent Williams is living up to his billing. He has sound footwork and his athleticism is unmatched by any of the other linemen.

-My favorite lineman of camp has to be G/C Edwin Williams. He is pound-for-pound, one of the strongest lineman on the team. I'd book him as the future starter at center.

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