August 24, 2010

Midweek Roundup: Hard Knocks

The Redskins travel to New York to take on the Jets this weekend. So they'll be on HBO's Hard Knocks. Brian Murphy says the 'Skins are built for prime time TV.

Donovan McNabb sat down with GQ for a feature story. It's actually pretty damn good. Shutdown CB has a few issues though.

While McNabb basks in the glow of his recent conquest of GQ, he'll miss this week's game with an ankle injury. No Hard Knocks for Super 5 this week. Mike Shanahan said he would not even go if this was a regular season game.

That's something you were praying wasn't going to happen. McNabb has been through his fair share of injuries and the only drawback to bringing him in was the fact that he tends to get hurt often. Let's hope this blows over before the start of the season because Rex Grossman proved the other night he is anything but the answer.

Mike Sellars (knee) and Malcolm Kelly (hamstring) will miss this week's game as well. Kelly's job is becoming less of a sure thing each day he misses practice and other receivers make plays. Will the Redskins have enough patience to keep him on the roster? I sure wouldn't.

LaRon Landry pulled a Willie McGinest last week vs. the Ravens.

Vinny Cerrato sat down with 106.7 the Fan in DC to discuss his tenure as "GM" of the Redskins. Will the guy just go disappear? Please, there are thousands of remote island locations to spend your our money at. Fly out to one and leave us alone.

'Skins LB Chris Hanburger has finally been named as a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. One of my buddies JW Nix has pushed for this for years and sent petitions all over the Web to get Hanburger into the Hall. Congrats to Hanburger and his biggest supporter, JW!

Which running back do you want on the team? Ryan Torain or Keiland Williams?

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