August 5, 2010

Quick Links For Thursday

I won't be at camp today, so here's some reading for you all. There will be a quiz so take notes.

I wrote a piece on John Beck and the Redskins' evolving QB situation for's Blog Blitz. Peek it.

Also, I'm getting ready to start writing a weekly column over at SB Nation DC. If you're keeping track. I'm writing with SB Nation, FFODC, and's Blog Blitz. I'll be linking to all of it from here.

I wrote this a month ago and today it was a hot topic in DC. LaVar and Dukes were talking about it, and so was Riggo's Rag. Plaxico Burress to the Redskins anyone?

Money article from B Murf on Homer McFanboy. Murf ranks the top ten performers in camp.

Roger Goodell and John Madden were at Redskins Park on Wednesday. So was rapper and DC sports fan Wale.

Russ Grimm will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend in Canton, Ohio. He is the first Hog to be inducted.

I was watching NFL Network's America's Game last night and it was the 1982 Redskins. I love the story where Grimm told Joe Theismann to ignore the offensive playcalls from Joe Gibbs and pound it up the middle. The Redskins did that for eight consecutive plays, and it worked with Grimm leading the way.

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