August 27, 2010

Redskins-Jets News & Notes

Check out my updates from tonight's Redskins 16-11 victory over the Jets.

Rex Ryan played his starters into the fourth quarter. I guess he's serious about wanting to win every game. The guy is crazy. Would he really relish watching Mark Sanchez get crunched by Vonnie Holliday or Darrion Scott?

I could see the presser now:

Reporter: Rex, what possessed you to keep Sanchez out there against scrubs to get his knee shredded?

Rex: I wanted to win the (expletive) game. I think any coach with a sack will risk whatever it (expletive) takes to win the (expletive) game.

That would be must-see TV.

Also, here's my column form SB Nation DC from Friday on Donovan McNabb.

Tomorrow, I'll be back to break down things in depth.

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