August 19, 2010

Thursday Roundup: Wrongfully Accused

It seems the local police blotter has been riddled with infractions by Redskins players in recent months.

Trent Williams received a reckless driving ticket (honestly who hasn't).

However, he also played really, really well last week against Buffalo. So we'll forgive him. Homer McFanboy sat down for a great interview with him.

Fred Davis missed part of practice on Wednesday for a court appearance stemming from two misdemeanor charges (falsifying his identity to authorities and operating a motor vehicle with a revoked driver's license).

Malcolm Kelly wasn't present at Redskins Park today because he was in court dealing with a plethora of traffic offenses.

Fitting that the Redskins Rides Car Show will be held this week? I think so.

The wide receiver situation is getting the most buzz from the media and the fans. Peter King believes the situation is dicey, saying via Twitter that the WRs are a "big problem."

Rich Tandler from CSN Washington isn't a fan either.

Larry Johnson gets his turn as the feature back Saturday night vs. the Ravens.

Scrabble is a locker room favorite for the Redskins apparently.

A little inside info on some X's and O's from Matt Bowen.

A bit late on this, but worth noting that Donovan McNabb wants to be a Redskin for the rest of his career.

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