August 7, 2010

Weekend Roundup: Haynesworth Passes

It's official. Albert Haynesworth has finally passed his conditioning test. According to the guys I talked to, Haynesworth completed the shuttles in 66 and 70 seconds respectively. So he even had room to spare.

Now that the nightmare is over it's down to business for Haynesworth. He apparently likes the scheme and is ready to go. I'm pretty sure I remember writing in July that Haynesworth would end up in camp with the Redskins.

Then again, I also said he's going to perform at a higher level than last year too, so we'll see what happens.

Fearless Prediction: Haynesworth will be back in Redskins' fans good grace by October.

More reading material on Russ Grimm as he prepares to enter the Hall of Fame this weekend.

Dan Snyder is considering retiring several former Redskins' players' jerseys. The only one currently retired is the #33 worn by Sammy Baugh.

Om Field sums up the preseason nicely. It's funny that we are so deprived of football that we'll pour our attention into practices that we could not care less about midseason.

And finally, the viral video taking the web by storm, featuring Donovan McNabb.

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