September 15, 2010

D-Mac Vs. JC/K-Squared: Week One

It's time for the first edition of Donovan McNabb against his two measuring sticks as it were. The Redskins gave up on Jason Campbell, traded him to the Raiders, and acquired McNabb from the Eagles who believed they were better off with Kevin Kolb.

So which of the three signalcallers is getting the last laugh? I'll be updating the race week by week.

After an offensively challenged week one of NFL football it's tough to judge which QB has the advantage. Let's take a peek at the numbers.

McNabb vs. Dallas: 15-32, 171 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT, one rush for 17 yards (1-0 record)

Kolb vs. Green Bay: 5-10, 24 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT, 1 FUM (0 lost) one rush for one yard (left game at halftime with a concussion)

Campbell vs. Tennessee: 22-37, 180 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 2 FUM (one lost), six rushes for 34 yards (0-1 record)

McNabb gets a point for winning his game, but in all honesty he really didn't have a strong performance. His receivers dropped several passes, but McNabb also missed his fair share of throws.

We knew coming into this marriage McNabb isn't the most accurate QB, but he makes up for it by protecting the ball. Zero turnovers on offense Sunday night.

Plus, McNabb is more mobile than his predecessor. There were certain plays where he eluded pressure with a natural ability Campbell doesn't have.

Give it a few more weeks and McNabb will have this offense rolling.

Meanwhile, Kolb had a rough day under center. He struggled through a brutal first half of football before calling it a day with a concussion. He led the Eagles to just three points and they trailed the Packers 13-3 after two quarters.

Then to make matters worse for Kolb, Michael Vick came in and had a solid outing complete with 175 passing and 103 rushing. A QB controversy could be in the works if Vick performs well again this week should Kolb not be able to go against Detroit.

Campbell fared no better than his two competitors. Oakland only scored six points before Campbell added a garbage time TD toss with the Raiders down 38-6 to the Titans. He was sacked four times, fumbling twice and the Raiders were their usual putrid selves.

Bottom Line: Going into Sunday night's game, McNabb really didn't have to do much to best Campbell and Kolb. The stats weren't pretty for McNabb, but they were still better than both his counterparts. Add to that the Redskins victory and he has the early advantage.

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