September 23, 2010

D-Mac Vs. JC/K-Squared: Week Two

My great idea for a weekly piece comparing these three guys is quickly unraveling. I was at least hoping to see eight weeks of Jason Campbell before he assumed his spot on the pine, and I never expected seeing Kevin Kolb on the bench by week three.

But both quarterbacks are on the bench, and McNabb is coming off one of the best days a Redskins QB has ever had. So we'll let the gloating commence before I add Mike Vick to the equation.

Stat Line
McNabb: 28-38, 426 yards, 1 TD, 1-1 record.

Campbell: 8-15, 87 yards, 1 INT, 2 FUM (zero lost), 0-1 record. Note: JC was benched at halftime.

Kolb: Did not play (concussion), 0-1 record.

Campbell has four fumbles on the year, and they might be his last four. Bruce Gradkowski will start this week for the Raiders. Campbell had some buzz coming into the season, but it's clear the guy practices well and flops on gameday. He doesn't have a lot of moxie and he isn't a playmaker. Gradkowski isn't as physically gifted, but he's a scrapper.

Oakland needs a gutsy gamer and Campbell doesn't fit the bill. It appears likely Campbell will never land a full-time starting gig again. You have to feel bad for the guy, but at the same time his struggles only further justifies the Redskins trading for McNabb.

Vick had a huge game this week in the Eagles 35-32 win over the Lions. He went 21-34 for 284 yards and two TD passes. He also rushed eight times for 37 yards. Despite Vick's solid play in back-to-back weeks, many (including myself) believed Andy Reid would stick with Kolb.

Reid always goes back to his starter and considering he traded away McNabb to make Kolb the starter, one would expect Kolb to last more than one half. However, Reid shocked us all when he named Vick the starter for this week's tilt against the Jaguars.

Vick has played very well, and so he does deserve the start, but Reid is usually very set in his ways. He made a huge commitment to Kolb, but the move to Vick is a clear signal Reid feels he can win now with him rather than Kolb.

Reid is in a season where he must succeed since he made the controversial move to trade McNabb. The Eagles were perennial postseason ticket-punchers with him, and Reid knows he will need to at least contend for a berth this year. Obviously from what he's seen, Vick gives him a better chance to do that.

So I'll extend this column by replacing Kolb with Vick next week. In two weeks, Vick and the Eagles will host McNabb and the Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly. That's where McNabb and Vick met for the 2004 NFC Championship game. Oh how times have changed since Vick was under center in Atlanta and McNabb was airing it out with TO in Philly. Now it's the Redskins with a legitimate air attack as Washingtonians, sporting burgundy Super Five jerseys, sneer at Philly sports scene.


3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

poor JC

the blocking sux wherever he goes

Jack said...

Yeah and the guy just doesn't have the poise. He's not a gamer. I like the guy and he has solid tools, but he just can't put it all together.