September 4, 2010

Redskins Roster Cuts: Austin, Torain Join Practice Squad

Cut List

RB Ryan Torain: It appears Mike Shanahan is going with Keiland Williams as the third down back. I thought Torain was more physical and a better pass catcher, but Williams is a little shiftier. Torain could be a practice squad guy. Update: Torain is on the practice squad.

RB Willie Parker: We all saw it coming. Parker has lost his edge. Not going to lie, I really thought Parker would be a great fit in the zone blocking scheme, but he is no longer "Fast" Willie Parker. He's just slow.

CB Ramzee Robinson: Robinson did play well in camp and in the preseason, but he was buried on the depth chart.

WR Terrence Austin: This is the biggest surprise. Austin seemed to be very polished for his years and reliable as a returner. I guess Shanahan prefers the explosiveness of Brandon Banks. Austin should end up on the practice squad if he clears waivers. Update: Austin is on the practice squad.

T Selvish Capers: Capers is another practice squad candidate. He was too overmatched, but he does have potential. Update: Capers is on the practice squad.

T William Robinson: Robinson was the second-string LT from what I thought. Guess not. Update: Robinson is on the practice squad.

S Tyrone Carter: Carter knows the 3-4 from his Steeler days. But he was a late addition after Kareem Moore got injured. Hopefully his released means Moore is almost over his injury.

FB Carey Davis: Davis was picked up after Mike Sellers was injured against Baltimore. With Darrel Young making the team, Davis was the odd man out.

LB Rob Jackson: Jackson is a practice squad candidate. Update: Jackson is on the practice squad.

TE Logan Paulsen: I think a lot of people thought Paulsen would make the team, but Washington is going to roll with just two tight ends. No room for Paulsen. Update: The 'Skins decided to keep Paulsen in a last minute decision Saturday night.

TE Lee Vickers: Vickers had little chance of making the roster. He's gone.

DL Darrion Scott: He had a good game against the Cardinals, but the guy had little chance to make it.

S Anderson Russell: Great attitude and solid player. I was surprised by him. He is another PS candidate. Update: Russell is on the practice squad.

WR Shay Hodge: The Redskins are planning to keep six WRs according to reports, but Hodge isn't one of them. Shocker.

C Erik Cook: Cook was a seventh-round pick from this year's class, but he will be on the practice squad since the Redskins selected Korey Lichtensteiger as their backup center.

QB Rich Bartel: Tricky Dick had a great game against Arizona last Thursday, but it wasn't enough. The Redskins extended John Beck's contract, making him the third-string QB so Bartel is out.

NT Howard Green: Green was quickly singled out as a guy who wasn't going to be able to keep up. He was outplayed by Anthony Bryant and Ma'ake Kemoeatu.

G Chad Rinehart: Rinhart was a Vinny Cerrato pick from 2008. Not a good class to be in. He showed some potential occasionally, but he had a DUI this offseason and didn't play well in the preseason.

LB Robert Henson: Hneson had a monster game against Arizona before getting injured late. The injury certainly played a role in cutting him. Henson was a good special teamer as well, but the knee injury he suffered didn't help his case. HB Blades will take the fourth MLB spot.

WR Bobby Wade: Wade was a guy with experience who I thought would make the team, but he received such little playing time this preseason that I changed my mind. The team figured out quickly he wasn't going to fit in their plans.

OT Clint Oldenburg: Oldenburg was terrible. I hate to be so blunt, but the guy was mincemeat no matter who lined up against him. His footwork was bad, his leverage was bad, and his overall performance was abysmal. No surprise that he's gone.

LB Curtis Gatewood: He spent some time with the 'Skins last year, but he was a longshot from the start. The team is already rolling with eight linebacker so Gatewood was expendable.

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