September 28, 2010

Mid-Week Roundup: Boo Birds In Philly?

Donovan McNabb will make his long awaited return to Philly on Sunday, and the important question is how will Eagles' fans react to Super Five in the Burgundy and Gold?

SB Nation DC has a poll going regarding what to expect this weekend. McNabb himself says he expects more cheers than boos.

Read McNabb's full transcript from his interview with ESPN 980 here. (Thanks to John Keim of Redskins Confidential for transcribing)

Mr. Irrelevant has the numbers comparing the 2009 'Skins to this year's edition. It's not pretty, which means Jim Zorn is in the process of showering himself with Gatorade.

Clinton Portis had a strange game last week including failing to finish a strong 27-yard run as he inexplicably fell down with the secondary closing in. He told 106.7 The Fan he went down to protect the ball.

I don't quite understand why a running back of Portis' caliber tackles himself in the middle of nice run, but apparently CP felt it was the best thing to do at the time. I got nothing.

You never know what you're going to get from Portis and this week he was a soul-searching individual after carrying the ball just once in the second half of Sunday's game. "You know 26 is on your roster," he said. "Use me as you choose to."

The Redskins defense looked lost against Sam Bradford. After watching some Mike Vick tape, I think things might get even worse this week for the 'Skins D. Still, this stat bears watching.

Portis and McNabb are both Vick fans. Remember Portis nearly found himself in hot water after an interview where he defended Vick for his involvement in dog-fighting, and basically admitted to attending dog fights himself in the process. McNabb reached out to Vick as the QB tried to find a home in the NFL last season after being released from prison.

I have a feeling it will be a fun week preparing for this game even if the 'Skins struggle to keep pace with the Vick-led Eagles.

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