September 5, 2010

Redskins Patience At Wide Receiver Pays Off As Houshmandzadeh Looms

Santana Moss and Joey Galloway doesn't sound nearly as awesome as Santana Moss and TJ Houshmandzadeh.

Now that Houshmandzadeh has been released by the Seattle Seahawks, he is available to be picked up by any team, and he has reportedly narrowed down his choices to the Oakland Raiders and our very own Redskins.

The Seattle Times' Danny O'Neil is reporting via Twitter and his blog that Houshamndzadeh will choose to play with the Raiders or Redskins.

This is huge news because it illustrates two things. First, it shows the patience of this new regime. Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan could have decided to give up next year's draft to acquire Vincent Jackson, but they didn't jump the gun, and now they have a cheaper option in Houshmandzadeh.

Just how much of a bargain?. According to O'Neil Housh will sign for the veteran minimum since Seattle still must pay him $7 million in guaranteed money this year. Hot damn!

They don't have to trade for him and they won't have to pay him even close to what Jackson is demanding. Sure, Housh isn't at Jackson's level on the field, but he is a great possession receiver who will complement Moss very well.

Granted, he may sign elsewhere, but kudos to the front office for biting the bullet and waiting for an alternative solution at receiver rather than pouncing on Jackson. Without the salary cap, we are seeing teams be a little more aggressive when it comes to cutting bigger names with bigger salaries. Shanahan and Allen know this and now they are in a position to land a key piece to the puzzle.

Secondly, the Redskins have been looking for a player such as Houshmandzadeh to move the chains and take pressure off of Moss. With Housh, Moss might not see the top CB lined up against him every play. He will also be double-teamed less frequently.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Get Moss in a one-on-one situation and he will take over a game. Housh will give him more of those situations. Secondaries will have to respect both sides of the field.

With Houshmandzadeh, Washington will get a receiver who will haul in around 75 passes. When was the last time a number two receiver pulled in that many? Since Moss arrived in 2005 no number two WR has come even close to 75 receptions.

In fact, 1991 was the last time two Redskins receivers each caught 70 or more passes in the same season.

The 'Skins need to make a move for Houshmandzadeh. Simple as that.


3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

he signed with the Ravens to join Heap, Boldin, Mason = wow! Stallworth returns in a few weeks too

Jack said...

Hey 3rd! Long time no talk.

Yep Baltimore seems to be gearing up for a run. I still question their offensive playcalling, but they have a running game and the receivers for Flacco.