September 12, 2010

Redskins Vs. Cowboys: First Quarter Analysis

9:05-The Cowboys second drive was helped by a questionable late hit penalty on London Fletcher. Fletcher came into help DeAngelo Hall finish off a hit. Hall is playing very well against Dez Bryant who has three catches, but zero yards.

The Cowboys are challenging Hall since Bryant has 22 pounds on Hall. Hall has four tackles and has stood up to the larger Bryant. Guess the Cowboys will scrap that assumed mis-match.

9:00-A lightning quick first quarter is in the books and the Redskins lead 3-0 on a 29-yard FG from Graham Gano. However, the Cowboys are knocking on the door at the Redskins' six-yardline.

8:51-The Redskins opening drive featured a good mix of run and pass (6 runs, 5 passes), but stalled in the red zone. Still I liked what I saw. Portis didn't have a lot of room to run, but the offensive line wasn't getting overpowered either.

A big concern appears to be controlling the line of scrimmage against the Cowboys rushing attack. The defensive line was getting pushed around a bit on the Cowboy's first possession.

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