September 12, 2010

Redskins Vs. Cowboys: Second Quarter Analysis

9:46-The Redskins have just 30 yards rushing and have held to ball for just about 11 minutes compared to Dallas' 19 minutes. Those two stats need to take a turn for the better in the second half.

But first, the Redskins need to hold off the Cowboys in the last 27 seconds of the first half.

9:38-The Redskins force the punt and have the ball on their own five. 1:42 to go in the half. Washington needs to be careful here.

9:34-The Cowboys are taking control of the clock with this long drive. They have had the ball for over six minutes on this drive, which started on their own one.

They have racked up four first downs on the drive as well. The defense isn't being nearly as aggressive as promised. Granted, Dallas has made everything quick, but the Redskins have backed off because of that.

9:23-The McNabb to Moss connection heating up. I have said all offseason, Moss will have a year similar to 2005 especially if someone steps up opposite him. McNabb makes him much more of a threat.

Moss has three receptions for 49 yards so far, but the drive stalls. Field position is at a premium as Byron Westbrook downs Josh Bidwell's punt at the Dallas one. Redskins could be in business if they force a three and out. Or better yet, a Jim Haslett-manufactured turnover.

9:17-Dallas is held to another punt after Rocky McIntosh gets a sack to force a third and long. I don't understand why Dallas isn't running the ball more. They seem to hate doing it, which is silly because it's their strong suit.

Redskins need to extend this lead while they can.

9:07-Cowboys Kicker David Buehler missed a 34-yard FG attempt that would have tied the score at three apiece. Come to think of it, Dallas has had their fair share of kicking woes recently. Looks like we might have solved our's with Gano, but let's wait and see on that one.

The defense has been bend but don't break, which isn't good when nursing a 3-0 lead. They will need to do better controlling the line of scrimmage as the Cowboys are rushing for over six yards a carry.

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Bend dont break is fine, we count W's and L's