September 12, 2010

Redskins Vs. Cowboys: Third Quarter Analysis

10:45-Clinton Portis has shown some burst in this latest drive. The Redskins have good field position and will need to score here because the defense is wearing down.

LaRon Landry has 12 tackles. He is playing very well even though he did miss a sack on Romo. I also like the effort shown from Santana Moss tonight. Unfortunately, Joey Galloway, Armstrong, and Thomas haven't been involved.

10:40-Albert Haynesworth is really getting worked over in this game, but the Redskins don't have many options at nose tackle. Anthony Bryant better get ready to play next week.

Dallas takes advantage of the field position and scores. So we have the Redskins botch a field goal opportunity and then give up a touchdown. 10-7 instead of 13-0.

10:35-Tonight has been unkind to Josh Bidwell. After juggling a field goal snap, Bidwell shanked a 27-yard punt to give Dallas great field position.

10:31- A great drive results in no points as the Redskins botch a short field goal attempt. Holder Josh Bidwell juggled the snap and Graham Gano never got the chance to attempt the kick. Gano had made a kick play earlier, but the Cowboys were offsides on the play and that extended the drive for the Redskins.

But poor execution killed the chance to put the Redskins more comfortably ahead.

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