September 26, 2010

Redskins Vs. Rams: First Quarter Analysis

Awful start to the game as the Rams get the ball on the 40 as the opening kick-off sailed out of bounds. Then Stephen Jackson burst free on a 42-yard TD run to put the Rams up early. The secondary may be ranked dead last as of now, but it's the run defense that still worries me more.

Poor tackling and no bodies at the point of attack.

Things get even worse after Santana Moss fumbles away a reception and the Rams get the ball at the Redskins three. Sam Bradford connected with Daniel Fells for the TD, making it it 14-0.

The run game for Washington might be able to have a successful day. There have been holes for Clinton Portis and he has ripped off a pair of solid runs. But the offense has killed itself with penalties. Might I add, Stephon Heyer has been his usual horrid self.

Donovan McNabb will need to play well all day as well since the 'Skins are in this early hole.

If the Redskins can score after drawing a pass interference penalty against Fred Davis and ending up in the red zone, the Redskins might be able control the clock from here on out.

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