September 19, 2010

Redskins Vs. Texans: Second Quarter Analysis

5:33-Strong finish for the 'Skins defensively. Landry comes through with a sack and he's been playing well aside from some occasional over-pursuing against the run. The Redskins are fortunate to be up as Houston will have to rely more on the pass. The secondary is this defense's strong point and the Redskin offense is playing right into their defense's strength.

5:27-I have always been jealous of opposing teams who have QBs who can sling it around. Now the Redskins have one. Donovan McNabb has two 62-yard completions; one to Galloway and one to Fred Davis. This one gets the Redskins down to the one and Portis puts it away from a yard out. 20-7 Washington.

McNabb is 12-16 for 239 yards. He has passed for more yards this half than he did for the entirety of the Cowboys game. Portis has two TDs, but just ten yards on nine carries. On this day it doesn't matter because McNabb is playing very well.

5:14-Carlos Rogers has been on Andre Johnson for the most part. So far nothing disastrous although Johnson is having a decent game. The defense sacks Schaub to force a field goal, which Neil Rackers misses wide right from 47 yards. The pass rush has been coming at just the right times.

5:11-The defense continues to struggle against the run. Houston is getting a good surge up front and tiring out the Redskins with the stretch run. LaRon Landry is over-pursuing to the edge and there is no one to fill the cutback lane. Adjustments are necessary as Houston has the playaction safely in their back pocket now.

5:05-The defense picked up the pressure on that possession and the Texans strangely passed the ball on all three downs before punting. The 'Skins will take it though and now they continue to move the ball through the air. McNabb is certainly on today.

4:56-And the Redskins notch their first offensive TD of the season with a Portis one-yard run. With as poorly as the offensive line has been in run blocking it has to be a weight off their shoulders to get Portis in the end zone. And McNabb what a day so far. We don't see these numbers often from a DC QB, but get this:

9-11, 162 yards.

4:53-A Joey Galloway sighting! Galloway hauls in a 62 yard pass to give the Redskins great field position. Great playaction read from McNabb and the 'Skins are picking on the Houston secondary. Santana Moss with a fantastic catch in coverage, which McNabb got to him off his back foot. Offense is much improved today.

4:50- The Redskins defense did a decent job of plugging the middle on the drive, but they couldn't contain the stretch runs and cutbacks after getting the job done up front.

4:49-Not much pass rush for the Redskins on that 11 play, 77 yard drive. Schaub had time and Foster wore out the front seven. The Redskins need to control the clock on this ensuing drive as they trail 7-6.

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