September 13, 2010

Victory Roundup: 'Skins Savor Win Over Dallas

It's been hard to sleep after last night's nail-biting finish, but I managed a few hours, and now it's back to work.

Some reading material for you:

DC Sports Bog has some masterful stuff including the best and worst of the game and also a nice piece on Anthony Armstrong who was clearly pumped after the win.

I talked to Armstrong after the game and he was jacked up. He didn't have a memorable performance, but it was his first NFL game and the stakes were high. He was feeling it and let the media know afterwards. I'll have a story on him later in the week.

Michael Wilbon provided his insight at the Washington Post.

The Victory Monday offering from Homer McFanboy.

One holding penalty later and fans and players alike are buying into Mike Shanahan.

Scott Jackson has his Chain Reactions column over at SB Nation DC.

You've probably seen this angry Cowboys fan, but if you haven't, be entertained.

And DeAngelo Hall is emerging as a team leader on defense. The guy has impressed me throughout the offseason and I expect he will continue to do so fueled by that big fumbled return on Sunday.

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