October 26, 2010

Crunching Numbers: Standout Stats

So many numbers to digest after seven weeks of Redskins football and here's some key stats that stood out to yours truly.

136-Total number of tackles between LaRon Landry and London Fletcher thus far in 2010. Each has 68 individually and they are tied for the third most tackles in the NFL. That isn't necessarily a great thing considering the defensive line has let too much get by them and the secondary is giving up a ton of receptions, but Landry and Fletcher are doing their jobs.

76.0-Donovan McNabb's passer rating. He's ranked number seven in passing yards, but he's 24th in passer rating. Six touchdown to seven interceptions as well. He needs to lead more scoring drives.

2.6-Trips to the red zone per game. Washington is rarely sustaining drives into the red zone and you can tell by looking at their 29:25 average time of possession per game. They aren't controlling the ball and they aren't putting themselves into scoring position. 

33.3%-When the Redskins do enter the red zone they score only a third of the time. That makes them the 30th ranked team when it comes to red zone scoring percentage. Finishing drives is essential to winning, but somehow the Redskins have gotten away without converting their red zone opportunities.

25-I already mentioned sustaining drives. The Redskins are second from the bottom when it comes to converting third down opportunities. They are moving the sticks on the "money down" just 25 percent of the time.

165-Number of rushing attempts by the team.

247-Number of passing attempts.

40/60-The offense's run-pass ratio. Ryan Torain's recent success might convince the coaches to start making the playcalling multi-dimensional. A solid run game would ease the pressure on McNabb.

548-Santana Moss' receiving yards on the year. He's on pace for over 1,200 yards. Told you guys this would be a big year for him.

276-Anthony Armstrong's receiving yards on the year. He's the second-leading wide receiver on the squad, and the drop-off is apparent on paper and on the field. Armstrong is fast and makes tough catches, but he has yet to be a consistent starter on the outside.

3-Number of punters the Redskins have used this year. Josh Bidwell was a huge letdown and Graham Gano kicked a game when Bidwell injured himself in pregame warmups against St. Louis. The Redskins finally got wise and brought back Hunter Smith. All Smith has done is nail nine of his 21 punts inside the 20. Plus, he limited Devin Hester to one return last week.

40-Number of punts. Only one team has more (Chicago).

+8-The Redskins are dominating in terms of turnover differential and last week they have six takeaways to three turnovers. It made a huge difference just as it usually does. Now if the offense could capitalize off the turnovers...

17-The total number of takeaways the Redskins had last season. It's also the amount they have after seven games this season. Jim Haslett is making his mark.

8-Fred Davis probably figured to have more than eight catches this season. Too bad Chris Cooley has been the featured tight end and Mike Shanahan hasn't used two tight end sets to the extent we thought he would. Eight is also the number of receptions Antwaan Randle El has with Pittsburgh this year. Speaking of punt returning (or lack thereof)...

14.7-Brandon Banks' average on punt returns. Never expected to see a double digit average on punt returns again. Of course Banks brings talent to the equation at punt returner. Randle El lacked that aspect in his game.


Steve in TN said...

How about these stats:
3rd down conversions allowed/denied;
Defensive rank on 3rd down conversions allowed/denied;
Time of possession;
1st downs allowed per drive;

Jack said...

The Redskins defense is 4th in the NFL when it comes to preventing offenses from converting on 3rd down. Opposing offenses are converting just 33% of their 3rd down attempts.

Despite this opposing offenses are averaging 22.3 1st downs a game. Only two teams are giving up more, which means teams are moving the chains more on first and second down rather than third down against the Redskins.

The Redskins have only won the TOP battle twice. They are 1-1 in those games (win over GB and a loss to Indy).