October 24, 2010

Redskins Vs. Bears: First Quarter Analysis

1:27-Sorry I'm late today. Just got back from New York.

The Redskins third drive is a promising one until Donovan McNabb refused to take a sack off a blitz. That was an uncharacteristic, but it happened and now the Redskins are in a 7-0 off of a careless mistake. With the lack of points, Washington can't afford to give up easy touchdowns.

This game is vital to the Redskins and I would say it's the most important game of the year to date. The game is very winnable after a brutal three game stretch where the Redskins took two. The 'Skins are down a game to Philly and the Giants and they can't lose ground especially in a week where they should win.

1:39-McNabb shakes off the interception and gets the Redskins down the field to tie it up with a Moss TD. Gotta say the more I see of Ryan Torain the more I think he could be a workhorse back for this team. He breaks tackles like it's his job (well it is) and when he gets going downfield, he's one tough runner.

Chicago has negative yards of offense. This shouldn't be that close.

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