October 24, 2010

Redskins Vs. Bears: Fourth Quarter Analysis

3:36-I dare not praise another Redskin. Ryan Torain had 58 yards on the latest Redskins drive and Donovan McNabb did not attempt a pass. Yet he fumbles inside the Bear 30 and the Redskins come up with nothing.

3:44-Graham Gano's missed field goal could very well spell a rash of kicker tryouts this week. It was makeable 37-yarder in a close game in the fourth quarter. Not a good time to miss one. McNabb continues his brutal second half performance as he comes nowhere close to completing a key pass to Moss in the end zone. I'm not for putting in Rex Grossman, but McNabb isn't meriting an extension with games like this.

3:56-Time for one final drive by the Redskins defense. They make this and their great effort will be remembered fondly. The offense certainly isn't doing them any favors late in fourth.

3:59-DeAngelo Hall has four picks in one half. I rip on the guy a lot, but there are games such as this one where he shows why the 'Skins paid him $56 million. I mean what a catch and subsequent 92-yard interception return for a touchdown.

Also as a little postscript, the Redskins managed 121 yards on the ground. The Bears were ranked third in the NFL in rushing defense and were giving up just 84 yards a game. If Ryan Torain didn't fumble twice to cloud matters, I'd say the Redskins might have found a back for the rest of the year.

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