October 24, 2010

Redskins Vs. Bears: Halftime Analysis

Oh my, where to start. Washington should be winning this game by multiple scores yet they trail Chicago 14-10 at the half. Washington has 176 yards to the Bears' 84. Until the Bears final drive of the half they had one first down.

The Redskins have controlled field position, starting around midfield on the bulk of their possessions. However, they weren't able to finish two drives. One ended with McNabb's INT and the other stalled and led to a field goal.

With the way the defense handled Cutler (with the exception of the final drive), this one is on the offense for not taking advantage of their opportunities. Ryan Torain has had mixed success running the ball, and several receivers have dropped key passes.

The offense hasn't been in sync all year, and McNabb has been erratic again today. He has missed receivers and the drops have provided a bad combination of offensive inefficiency.

Defensively, LaRon Landry and Albert Haynesworth are having strong games and the Redskins have sacked Jay Cutler three times. Haynesworth has a sack and several solid penetrations. He's been good today.

The Bears seem to be shortening Cutler's dropbacks to alleviate the defensive pressure and it worked on the final drive. Washington needs to tighten up defensively after giving up a touchdown to give the Bears the lead.

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