October 24, 2010

Redskins Vs. Bears: Third Quarter Analysis

3:14-Just a putrid quarter for Washington. The defense continues to be it's resilient self as they stop Jay Cutler on the goal line and force a fumble. He might have been in, but no challenge and The Redskins hold on.

Donovan McNabb is having an awful day after throwing his second pick. He's 14-28, 174 yards, a TD pass, and two interceptions. He is out of synce and unable to move the chains consistently. The offensive line hasn't been flawless, but they aren't getting completely worked over either. This one is on him.

3:30-DeAngelo Hall has two picks in this quarter. For as much as I detest his soft coverage, he does have great ball skills and his touchdown is the second one of the year. Another well-timed touchdown with the Redskins struggling to generate points.

Still the defense is starting to bend quite a bit. the Bears have made a pair of trips deep into Redskins territory this half. Cutler has managed to ruin both, making this a battle between two teams with self-destructive signalcallers.

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