October 17, 2010

Redskins Vs. Colts: First Quarter Analysis

8:45-The Redskins first drive is a nice one until Donovan McNabb forces a throw over the middle. Jerraud Powers intercepts it, and one play later Peyton hits Pierre Garcon downfield for a 57-yard TD strike. Powers actually caught the ball unlike Carlos Rogers who dropped a pick on the Colts first drive.

Manning froze the defense with a pump fake, and Garcon motored his way past DeAngelo Hall for six. The Redskins can't make it that easy again because their offense isn't equipped to keep up with an explosive Indy team.

8:53-The life has been sucked out this stadium after Manning's TD pass. Washington loses 9 yards on their next drive and the Colts have great field position at the Redskins' 48. Not much has gone right yet and the Redskins can't fall too far behind early.

8:56-We might bust on Carlos Rogers' hands a lot, but the guy has made two great plays in coverage tonight while DeAngelo Hall was left flat-footed on the Garcon TD reception. Hall might be the playmaker, but when the coaching staff lets Rogers play tight coverage he plays quite well. He is the best DB on the team when it comes to jumping routes.

9:09-The Redskins score a touchdown in the red zone with an efficient 10-play, 89-yard drive that took 5:22 off the clock. That's the type of control they will need all game to take down Indy. Ryan Torain isn't the most athletic guy on the field, but his refusal to give up when the blocking collapses has led to several important plays.

The blocking has been shaky thus far. McNabb has been sacked once and there haven't been many holes. It's a testament to Torain's determination that he has 42 yards on eight carries.

Plus, the secondary has been bracketing receivers well with the exception of the TD pass. They are reading Manning, but failing to come away with turnovers. Kareem Moore and Rogers both have dropped surefire interceptions. Still TD aside, the Redskins defense seems to have a good feel for what Manning is trying to do.

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