October 17, 2010

Redskins Vs. Colts: Fourth Quarter Analysis

11:11-Terrible series after forcing the Addai fumble. The offense is not doing it's part tonight in a game where they had to come up big. Three second half turnovers and ten points are nice, but the offense needed at least a long drive after the last fumble.

Now Indy is taking over the clock and wearing down the Redskins defense. The running game isn't much of an option down two scores.

11:18-Trent Williams' holding penalty was almost costly, but the Redskins score to make it 27-24. The offense might have gotten untracked a little to late, but we do have a game on our hands. It's been an absolute war tonight and hats off to the Redskins for hanging with a superior team. But if they can't get the ball back, the effort will be for naught.

11:25-Here we go. I'll be back later with the wrap.

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