October 17, 2010

Redskins Vs. Colts: Second Quarter Analysis

9:20-The Colts answer right back with some precision passing by Manning. I expected he would have a few drives like this one where he carved up the secondary along the sidelines. It's better than the quick strike. Now Washington has to hold serve and they will be fine.

Brandon Banks' 56-yard return sets things up nicely. The Redskins now must control the clock.

9:22-Redskins controlling the clock so far (12:12 to 6:50), but are down. That big play to Garcon really hurts.

9:31-I don't know if you call that a defensive stand, but the Redskins managed to hold off the Colts, and then caught a break in the form of an Adam Vinatieri missed 38-yard FG. That's why the Redskins need to make the Colts work for every score. It might not look good yardage wise, but points are all that matter.

9:38-The Redskins have had three opportunities at creating a takeaway and have two dropped interceptions and a forced fumble they failed to recover. That hurts. So does the run-pass ratio (14-13). Washington needs to continue pounding the rock to keep Manning off the field.

9:58-The Colts tack on a field goal. The defense isn't playing great football, but the offense isn't helping matters. Graham Gano's miss on the ensuing drive leaves points on the field. The Redskins have missed too many opportunities (i.e. takeaways) and the Colts are making them pay.

The Redskins have seven points. I don't think anyone would say that's enough to beat Indy. The defense has buckled down with some bend-but-don't break after the second Colts TD, including blocking the Vinatieri's last second FG at the end of the half.

It's on the offense to get back to the running game and keep Manning off the field in round two (or the second act as they call it on NBC).

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