October 3, 2010

Redskins Vs. Eagles: First Quarter Analysis

4:56- Michael Vick has left the game with what could be a rib or collarbone injury. Trainers are examining him as the Eagles score on a David Akers field goal to make it 14-3.

Vick was hit by Kareem Moore and DeAngelo Hall and was injured on the play down at the goal line. It could mean Kevin Kolb will get more than the one snap he took to finish off that drive. The Eagles are 0-4 on third downs.

4:40-The Redskins are surging out of the gate as they score another TD on their second possession to go up 14-0. The Redskins are controlling the ball and have converted their only third down. Chris Cooley pulled in the TD on third and five and McNabb has to feel a load off his back after throwing that pass.

Clinton Portis still seems to be avoiding contact, but he made some nice moves on a screen pass to get a first down. Ryan Torain has 30 yards an 4 carries. Portis has 22 on four. The Redskins are taking advantage of the Eagles 23rd ranked run defense.

4:29-Two Redskins who didn't initially make the final roster this year have provided an early spark. Brandon Banks returned a punt 53 yards and then the Ryan Torain capped off the opening drive with a 12-yard TD run. An physical tone to open the game for Washington and it's one they will have to maintain.

Albert Haynesworth got great penetration on third down on the Eagles first possession to force Vick to throw the ball away. That's something that will have to continue.

The Eagles are 0-2 on third downs now and Haynesworth made the stop on LeSean McCoy up the middle to make the second stop. A motivated Haynesworth is certainly a good thing.

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