October 3, 2010

Redskins Vs. Eagles: Fourth Quarter Analysis

7:35-The Redskins know how to make every game a close one as they pull out a 17-14 win. The defense clearly had trouble adjusting to Kolb as they continued to try and take Maclin/Jackson out of the game. The vertical passing game was shut down, but at the expense of zero pass rush and little coverage over the middle.

The Redskins ran the ball with efficiency. They rushed for 169 yards, the highest output on the season, which made up for a subpar performance by Donovan McNabb. McNabb went 8-19 for 125 yards, a TD, and an interception and missed several key throws.

However, he had a huge third down conversion on the Redskins final drive. Facing a third and four, McNabb rushed 18 yards for a first down, allowing the 'Skins to kill extra clock.

Stephon Heyer committed a costly false start after the conversion, turning a second and three into a second and eight. The Redskins punted after keeping the ball on the ground, and the Eagles had one last chance to take the lead.

I really thought Jason Avant had pulled the ball in on the final play of the game, but he dropped it and DeAngelo Hall came away with the INT. Better to be lucky than good.

7:11-The Redskins are running out the clock following a big Donovan McNabb scramble for 18 yards on third and four. How many times have the 'Skins been on the reverse end of that?

The Eagles put on a clinic on their last drive and it looks like the Eagles will get the ball back with just over a minute. Washington will have to make a final stand.

6:55-Time is beginning to work against the Eagles and the Redskins defense has held on well despite receiving no help from the offense since the third possession of the game. McNabb has struggled with his accuracy after starting off the game 6-8.

Kolb has a lot of time to throw, but he isn't seeing the field well. He is checking down often and the Redskins defense really seems to be intent on defending Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. So much that the middle of the field is wide open.

The defense is still playing as if Vick was under center. And even though the Eagles have no points, they are having their way in the short to intermediate passing game.

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