October 3, 2010

Redskins Vs. Eagles: Second Quarter Analysis

5:33-A bizarre series of events kept the Eagles from going for it on fourth down from inside the Redskins one. The Eagles took a timeout and following the timeout they were charged for a delay of game when they failed to pay heed to the play clock.

With the five yard loss, Phillt had to settle for a field goal and trail it 17-6. The Redskins may have caught a break from the officiating crew and I'm sure we'll be talking about that gaffe all week.

5:23-The Eagles are starting to take control of the clock with this long drive. Two minutes to go in the half and Philly has a chance to make this a one score game even though the Redskins have been terrific up to this point. On this drive, the defense is missing tackles right and left and it seems like the 'Skins weren't expecting mmuch out of Kolb.

They can't step off the gas though as this is one of those games where Washington should win and win convincingly at this point.

5:17-Things are unraveling quickly for the Eagles as the Redskins lead it 17-3 in the second quarter and Kevin Kolb is in the game. Donovan McNabb threw a nice pass to Anthony Armstrong for 57 yards, but failed to see an open Roydell Williams on third down in the red zone. So Graham Gano came on to nail a field goal.

The run defense for the Redskins has been much stouter and largely in part to the terrific play of Albert Haynesworth. Thus far, Kolb has strung together a nice drive and the Redskins need to tighten up the defense now that Vick is out of the game. A cover two doesn't work as well against pocket passers like Kolb.

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