October 3, 2010

Redskins Vs. Eagles: Third Quarter Analysis

6:33-The Redskins defense comes up big as Chris Wilson stripped LeSean McCoy of the ball with the Eagles driving deep in Redskins territory. Of course all the offense manages is a three and out. The Eagles are controlling the clock and the 'Skins defense can only bail out the offense so many times.

The Eagles have done a much better job against the run, but they are also starting to get to McNabb. McNabb has a patchwork offensive line of Heyer, Lichtensteiger, Rabach, Montgomery, and Brown in front of him and they are starting to lose the battle in the trenches.

Time for McNabb to show the Redskins why they traded for him. What better opportunity for him to stick it to his former mates?

6:13-You can feel the Redskins frittering away good field position and opportunities. They punt away the ball yet again, giving the ball back to the Eagles up 17-6. It's only a matter of time before the Eagles wear down the Redskins defense and the offense has stalled after an explosive start.

6:08-With Artis Hicks injured, I'm shocked to see Derrick Dockery remain on the sideline. But he's still on the bench and Will Montgomery is the guy at right guard since Hicks is out with an illness.

Donovan McNabb burned two time outs on the opening drive of the half. He done that twice now after doing it in Houston as well. Not good.

Then he threw a horrible jump ball interception with no Redskin around it. He'll need to settle down if the Redskins want to preserve their lead. The running game should be the way to go considering how successful the 'Skins have been on the ground.

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