January 27, 2011

Redskins Roundup: Carson Palmer, Senior Bowl, And More

Grant Paulsen takes a look at the Carson Palmer to the Redskins rumors. I'm of like mind. Palmer is a turnover prone quarterback whose best days left town after Kimo von Oelhoffen ran into his knee. He struggles mightily with his accuracy at times and he hasn't sustained much consistent success in Cincinnati.

Obviously all of that can't blamed on him. The Bengals have had their share of injuries and distractions, but Palmer turned the ball over 23 times last year and has experienced two major injuries (elbow and knee) in his career. Plus, is he mobile enough to fit Mike Shanahan's offense?

With the Redskins trying to get younger, how does acquiring a 31-year old quarterback aid that attempt? Consider also the fact that the Bengals will likely demand draft picks. The whole thing would be a big mistake.

Bold Prediction: Rex Grossman will be the short-term starter until the Redskins have their franchise QB in place. Some people have already mentioned this, but think about it. If the Redskins roll with Rex it means they are admitting this upcoming year is a transitional one. When has that ever happened?

I have begun a miniseries over at SB Nation DC focusing on prospects in the upcoming NFL draft. First up, Von Miller.

The Senior Bowl is this week. Here's an assortment of info and nuggets from TBD, Redskins Insider, National Football Post, National Football Post, Redskins Insider, Matt Bowen.

As for me, I'm not a wealth of knowledge on what goes on in Mobile, but I'm most interested to watch Alabama QB Greg McElroy. I think he could be a real sleeper and a solid late round pick. Whenever I watched him in college he had poise and was efficient while running an offense similar to some NFL systems. Here's a nice piece on how polished the kid is both on and off the field.

I don't think much of the top ranked QBs in the draft and if Shanahan doesn't either, then he should pass on the position in the first round. Too many needs for Washington to take a QB for the sake of taking one.

Rich Tandler has a great piece on the Redskins in their quest to get younger. A really interesting read which focuses on how the average age of the team can be lowered.

And another from Tandler grading the Redskins draft from 2006. By my judgement it's an incredibly poor class. Props to Rich as he's been on the ball with some great stuff this entire month.

Finally, Cam Newton isn't at the Senior Bowl, but he might as well be given all the buzz. John Keim talked to Mel Kiper and got the ESPN draft guru's thoughts on the controversial, yet immensely talented QB. If you didn't know, Kiper and many others are projecting the Redskins to scoop Newton up with the tenth pick.

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