January 4, 2011

Redskins Roundup: Season's End

It's strange to see the season go by so quickly for the Redskins this year. I was fortunate enough to receive terrific access through SB Nation DC and met many members of the media who gave me a hand and made sure I learned the ropes. Thanks to all them and the players who took the time to talk football with me.

Also thanks very much to the readers here. I don't know who is regular and who isn't but I hope you were entertained by what I wrote this season. You guys gave me my best year in terms of readership and I was able to partner with Yardbarker to further increase my exposure. If you have any comments or criticism, please email me at jackfrom3@yahoo.com. I'd love to get your feedback.

So without further ado, I will now give you a batch of links as I prepare to hunker down into offseason mode and review the team, free agency, and the draft. Enjoy!

Dan Shiferaw has a nice column at SBNDC on the positives from the year. Keep the faith!

Is Ryan Mallett worth a look for the Redskins in the first round (they draft from the 10th spot)? Wes Bunting from the National Football Post says steer clear and I tend to agree.

Redskins Historian Mike Richmond will be hosting an episode of B&G Magazine tonight in Bethesda. Details here.

Barry Cofield doesn't particularly like Redskins fans.

The 3-4 was largely a flop, but it is only year one. Patience may be the key to success for Jim Haslett's schemes.

Homer McFanboy stirs the debate of who is the strongest Redskin in the weight room. (Hint: It's not Brandon Banks)

Redskins Gab wonders if things would be different if the Redskins had held on to Jason Campbell. Considering the way things went with Donovan McNabb it makes sense, but let's remember Campbell didn't want to play here after the way he had been treated by the organization so he probably wouldn't have stayed even if Mike Shanahan hadn't signed McNabb.

Everyone around the Redskins has stressed the need for stability. Well how's this for stability? Every coach on the staff will be retained by Shanahan so long as they want to stay (remember Jon Embree did take the head coaching job at the University of Colorado).

A trip to Ford Field in Detroit sunk the Redskins once again. Not many teams can say that.

The latest power rankings from ESPN are not kind to Washington as they are near the bottom feeders of the league at the end of the season.

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