February 14, 2011

Albert Haynesworth Is At It Again

This is just getting comical. Hours after turning himself in for a misdemeanor assault charge on Saturday, Albert Haynesworth was accused of sexually abusing a waitress early Sunday morning. Controversy is his forte and over the weekend he managed to stir up two breaking news stories in record time even by his lofty standards.

Haynesworth allegedly got a bit carried away after slipping his credit card in a waitress' shirt pocket as he lingered to cop a feel. While that wasn't a surprise, I was shocked to hear a burly defensive lineman with $41 million guaranteed doesn't roll with straight cash.

I've lost count of the pending lawsuits and law-breaking incidents this guy has been involved in, but it has to be more than the 6.5 sacks he contributed on the field in two season with the Redskins.

One thing's for sure. He's consistently the biggest headache on the roster and it's getting to the point where you have to wonder if he is simply trying to force his release rather than wait for a trade. Given that his value is hovering around the zero mark, Washington may as well accommodate him before any other negative stories break this offseason.


Carlos Sandoval Jr. said...

The way you wrote this was hilarious. For serious, though, dude needs to get his act together!

Jack said...

It's just unreal. The guy certainly knows how run his career through the proverbial rock bottom.