February 8, 2011

Redskins Would Be Wise To Re-Sign Santana Moss

It isn't news that Santana Moss' contract expires this offseason. The Redskins top receiver addressed this issue several months ago at the end of the season and made it clear he wants to remain in Washington.

"I don't feel like leaving is going to help me win games somewhere else," Moss told Redskins Blogger Matt Terl. "I feel that, you know, somewhere that you are comfortable with, that you feel like you can play, and your family can live and, you know, you can raise your family and live comfortably, and play a great game, and play at a high level. You know, why leave? So that's why I feel the way I feel."

Moss said this in December just weeks after a heartfelt outburst in the locker room following a 17-16 loss to Tampa in which he had scored the potential game-tying touchdown in the fourth quarter only to see the extra point botched.

"Man it just hurts," said Moss who was nearly in tears. "There ain't a whole lot to say about it. When you are going through it year after year, it just builds up man. It hurts. I don’t have words for it. I just feel we work too hard to come out here and be mediocre on Sundays."

For anyone in the locker room that day, the emotional scene wasn't a me-first breakdown a la Terrell Owens. Moss is a team-oriented guy who has pushed all his chips in with the Redskins organization and he's proven that with the effort he's put forth since his arrival. He wants to win and has made it clear he wants to win here.

The Redskins haven't been particularly successful during Moss' time here, but he hasn't let it affect his personal performance. Since coming to Washington in 2005, the 10-year pro has been the top option on the receiving corps, catching 70+ passes four times and going over 1,000 yards on three occasions.

Age hasn't been a factor yet as Moss embraced more of a possession receiver role in Kyle Shanahan's offense this past season and caught a career high 93 passes at the age of 31. He spent time in the slot this year and it seemed to keep him fresher than in seasons past.

The University of Miami product has been a warrior throughout his career, battling through a plethora of lower body ailments that come with playing the receiver position. He has missed just four games in six years with the Redskins and though his gamebreaking skills have diminished, he is still a valuable asset on a team devoid of elite receiving talents.

The general consensus heading into the offseason seemed to be that Moss wanted to stay and the Redskins would likely try and re-sign him. Without him, the Redskins top receiver would be Anthony Armstong who emerged as a solid deep threat and number two wideout, but really doesn't have the make up to be the top WR.

However, a report surfaced on Sunday from Jason La Canfora, indicating Washington would not offer an extension to their best receiver.

Hold the phone here. I don't believe for a minute the 'Skins would let Moss walk without at least conducting some sort of discussion with him. Moss has indicated that he wants to play here and considering the lack of proven talent on the depth chart at receiver, Shanahan would be foolish not to pursue him.

Some people have taken La Canfora's report as gospel truth and while Bruce Allen may embrace a more fiscally responsible approach to managing player personnel than his predecessor, I would find it shocking and borderline negligent if he completely ignored Moss this offseason.

I'm aware the team should be in rebuild mode, but with all the holes on this roster, letting a highly productive veteran like Moss go would only add to the problems rather than contribute to the solution. Moss is a leader, a focal point offensively, and Washington has no one to take over his role should they choose to let him go.

Granted he might demand a long-term deal the Redskins deem risky given his age. He might even ask for more money than Allen is willing to part with. But ultimately the organization will be sorry if they don't sit down and attempt to reach an agreement with a guy who said it "felt like it was meant for me to be here" in the Nation's Capital.


Dave O said...

Thing is, it's not an insult to Moss to accept that the same money could be spent on a younger player. Moss can still be useful for what - 2 more years? But it would be irresponsible for his agent to let him take a deal that doesn't carry well into his mid to late thirties.

If we're going to hand a 5 year deal to a WR, seems like it should go to a 27 year old who would be useful throughout the life of the contract.

Jack said...

I see your point. A Vincent Jackson or a Santonio Holmes would be worth a five year deal. However, I still think it's a bad idea if the Redskins don't even sit down with Moss to discuss. He wants to stay and the 'Skins should at least try and negotiate.

oneloveva said...

Thank you guys for your concern , but 4yrs 17 million and 8 garntd , is perfect , look , Moss puts out period , he is productive; look, any WR who layz 65 +catches a year is a keepr , AND no real number 2,name the other WR who do that , and check his company , also everytime he turns around its a new QB , how hard Is that; so stop with all the squabble , they let Moss go , bad and back stabbing choice period......Hail Redskins.