February 22, 2011

What's the Deal With St. Patrick's Day Merchandise?

I like holidays. I'm a huge fan of gifts and eating and drinking. But what I don't like is the marketing done by sports franchises on St. Patrick's Day.

The Redskins sent out an email today, advertising their St. Patty's Day apparel.

Funny but the Redskins don't have green in their color scheme and Washington DC isn't Boston, Buffalo, or Chicago. The Nation's Capital has zero ties to Ireland and quite frankly I can't remember the last time I saw a shamrock growing on Constitution and Seventh.

The Redskins aren't alone in this. It's a league-wide gimmick designed to sell more memorabilia and jerseys, but when the NFL is trying to sell Dolphins fans this, I think we can safely say St. Patrick's Day themed merchandise is a complete joke.

Here's a peek at what the Redskins are offering:

That's the best they could do? A generic three leaf clover with a Redskins logo thrown in at the top. Honestly, I wouldn't have even noticed it was a Redskins T-shirt if I had seen it in person The hat isn't fitted so that's a no-go as well. Maybe I'll just roll with these.

I would be a little less annoyed if the NFL came up with an energized marketing campaign for this holiday, but green T-shirts and Pilsner glasses display an halfhearted attempt to sell a few extra products to markets that possess no roots in Irish heritage.


William said...

The marketing done by sport franchises on St. Patrick's day should be improved. It's a great event and they should probably focus on it.

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Anonymous said...

The White House was designed by an Irishman. There's a statue of Robert Emmet, an Irish freedom fighter from the 18th. century on Constitution Avenue. John Barry was the father of the American Navy. Dude, the list goes on and on. There ARE strong ties between DC and Ireland.