May 1, 2013

The increasing success of sports betting

Sports betting has always been a popular form of gambling – as the number of bookmakers’ shops that used to be a feature of the British high street proves – but unlike so many other formerly popular pastimes, sports betting has thrived during the internet era. Most of the major bookmakers have set up online versions of their services, and this has led to greater numbers of people than ever before opting to bet on the outcomes of sports matches – with perhaps only online casino matching it in popularity.

When it comes to the reasons for this increase in enthusiasm for sports betting, the greater convenience of being able to do everything from finding odds information, to actually placing the bet, online has undoubtedly been a major reason for this. The internet has made sports betting seem more accessible to people than it was in the past, while another reason for the rise in popularity may be the increase in public enthusiasm for the sports themselves – with football in particular now having a much bigger audience base than ever before. Indeed one of the few activities nowadays that can rival public enthusiasm for sports and betting on them is playing at online casino sites.

Many of these sites offer sports based variations on standard casino games – with sports themed slots games proving to be a particularly successful area for online casino companies. While this certainly does not account for the whole of their customer base – or even the majority of it – it does mean that many of those using online casino sites are the same people who are choosing to gamble on sports. Many people consider the best Australian online casino games at Both casino and sports betting have been around for a very long time, but both have enjoyed a significant increase in success during the internet era, and it seems likely that many of the same people enjoy both forms of gambling.

March 22, 2013

Information about football betting

Gambling in general is one of the most favoured ways of spending leisure time for many people in the UK, with one of the forms of gambling that has proven to be consistently popular being football betting. While betting on all different kinds of sports has thrived throughout the digital era, as the major companies have set up websites to allow people to place their bets online, there is little doubt that the type of sports betting that attracts the most customers is football betting. This reflects the fact that football holds a central place in the hearts of many sports fans, but it doesn’t make betting on football any easier to do successfully.

If you want to be successful betting on football it helps to know something about the game – even if you are not a natural football fan. Finding out about the form of teams and individual players before putting any money on them may not guarantee your success, but it will at least greatly reduce the risk of you losing your money. In this respect it is no different from other types of betting, such as playing casino games, because some knowledge of what you are choosing to play will always help your chances.

There are a lot of websites available offering football betting tips, which is perhaps not surprising given how big an industry it has become, but these cannot substitute for learning about the game yourself. While there are certainly some sites which offer useful tips, which are grounded in stats, probability and knowledge of the football betting markets, many of them are simply a waste of your time and money. It is certainly worth trying to find out a little about what kind of reputation a tips website has and how long it has been around, before you decide to use it as the basis for your football betting. If you are more of a horse race betting man then make sure you check out the to get the latest free bets offers.